Mona Di Orio Les Nombres d'Or: Ambre, Musc, Cuir (2010): In Search of the Magic Number of Beauty {New Perfumes}

Nice-based perfumer Mona di Orio will launch a new trio of fragrances in a collection entitled Les Nombre d'Or (The Golden Sections) which comprises three different odes to a material: Ambre, Musc and Cuir (Leather). The compositions are inspired by the notion of divine proportion which has always fascinated the perfumer and which she sees as a key to understanding the meaning of beauty...
AMBRE - Les Nombres d'Or

Notes: Cedarwood from the Atlas, Ylang Ylang concrete of the Comoros Islands,Tolu resin, Benzoin, Absolute Vanilla from Madagascar.

MUSC - Les Nombres d'Or
Notes: Neroli, Angelica, Rose, Heliotrope, Tonka Bean Absolute and Moss.

CUIR - Les Nombres d'Or
Notes: Cardamom, Absinthe, Leather, Cade, Opoponax, castoreum.


You can read an interview given to the blog by perfumer Mona di Orio around the launch of Chamarré.

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