Stop & Smell the Steak on Highway 150 {Fragrance News}

Olfactory advertisement is taking some giant steps to try to grab your attention while you drive. Seeing that gaping at a monumental morsel of juicy steak evocatively planted on a fork is not enough to make you crave the food, company Scent-Air is bringing in its know-how to lure motorists with the smell of grilled steak...

"It smells like uh, Barbecue, like hickory or something like that being Barbecued and smells like steak," one motorist described.

The scent is emitted by a high-powered fan at the bottom of the billboard that blows air over cartridges loaded with the BBQ fragrance oil, said Murray Dameron, marketing director for Charlotte-based ScentAir, which provides custom scents and fragrance-delivery systems for businesses, including hotel lobbies, casino gambling and retail stores.

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