Victoria's Secret Bombshell (2010) {New Fragrance}

Victoria's Secret is using the code word Bombshell to launch its new fragrance to debut during the next New York's Fashion Week. The perfume is not just about image and fantasy though as the composition has the ambition to be "the first fruity aromatic floral,"...

Bombshell has notes of purple passionfruit, shangri-la peopny and vanilla orchid.

The scent will launch on September 9th, 2010. "A pop-up store will go up in front of The Plaza on Fifth Avenue in New York, and will feature a huge fragrance ball that will light up and sparkle by night."

Via sassisamblog

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  1. gee, and it also has the ambition to copy the shape of the flowerbomb bottle.

    so original.

    • You know, now that you say it, I can see that the way the shoulders of the bottle slope is reminiscent of the shape of Flowerbomb. I can't tell though whether the bottle is flat or convex.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Actually the bottle looks more similar to the shape of Lily Pulitzer's bottles

    Fragrance Whore
  3. I LOVE this scent


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