Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling: Ribbon, Honey, Mine Again (2010) {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes}

lollipop-bling-mariah-B.jpgMariah Carey has unveiled her new trio of perfumes Ribbon, Honey, and Mine Again to debut next month on July 1st 2010. They are all part of the Lollipop Bling concept which we made an announcement about earlier on. The story of the candy-inspired scents goes back to Carey's marriage proposal which was done with a twist by husband Nick Cannon: he put a real engagement ring in a Pop Ring.

The fragrances were designed by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF...


Ribbon is inspired most by the candy concept and the Blue Raspberry Ring Pop flavor.

The other fragrances have sweet but not necessarily candied notes such as chocolate, raspberry, pineapple and honey.

All three were named after songs by Mariah Carey.

"We think it will bring an even younger customer into the Mariah Carey franchise," The Lollipop Bling line will be advertised in youth-oriented publications where ads for the celebrity's fragrances had not previously appeared, like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. But Ms. Dodge emphasized that these "are not your typical teeny-bopper fragrances." While the scents "take a candy element as a thread to be woven in a fragrance," they do so in a way that "elevates candy into a prestige environment,"

A one-ounce bottle of the perfume will retail for $35, the 1.5-ounce candy three-pack will cost about $1.50. 

Via The New York Times

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  1. I rather enjoy her M and Forever. No doubt these will be far less sophisticated and much much sweeter than her previous. But I'll still give them a try. I'm liking the yellow bottle the most. : )


    • Yes, M is really good. Like Angel it is a sophisticated gourmand, but it is not as well-known.

      The new collection is comparable to DKNY Delicious Apple Candy trio.

      Chant Wagner

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