Mariah Carey's Next Perfume is Called Lollipop Bling (2010) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Fragrance names, especially those of celebrities, are becoming more and more the topics of passionate discussions online. Rihanna asked her fans to help her out here. Jennifer Aniston wavered, forsook staid and settled for Lolavie, and then everyone went scratching their heads as to what that meant exactly, including your resident expert in wild guessing (I wasn't actually wrong as it turned out)...

Now Mariah Carey does not want to sound dull so she went for the name that could only come to you after you shaked your ideas vigorously and waited for inspiration: Lollipop Bling. After M and Luscious Pink and Forever, we get what's to date the quirkiest name of the Mariah Carey portfolio. Except it's not so out there as it may seem. Celebrities have been endorsing the Couture Pops by Sugar Factory en masse, so Mariah is following a trend here rather than being ahead of the curve. Of course, still, as a perfume name, it will be a first.

It's Eizabeth Arden who developed the perfume, like the others, and it's set to debut in June 2010. The news came in the midst of a third quarter report about Arden,

"At Arden, much of the decline stemmed from department stores returning discontinued brands. The company is also seeing merchants reduce the number of brands they carry.

Arden hopes that new products will spur some growth. After seeing a 50 percent rise in Juicy Couture fragrance sales so far this year it will launch Peace, Love and Juicy Couture in upscale stores in August. Other items include Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling, due in June, and Kate Spade fragrances, due out in the fall."

Source: Reuters

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