Perrier Turns to American Pinup Dita Von Teese & Burlesque Glamor to Sell Bubbly Water {Beauty Notes - Icons}

The famous French brand of bubbly water, Perrier, have turned to burlesque artist Dita Von Teese who now lives between Los Angeles and Paris to star in a series of commercials for the famous curvy green bottle favored actually by people with a taste for lightness. Von Teese is seen welcoming an invisible visitor to Château Perrier, strutting around in her burlesque garments, playing dice with him and losing, that is the spectator wins and can see her half-naked. She also plays further with the stranger in a dark room of the mansion brandishing the newly relaunched Polaroid, teasing him and proposing that he take her picture in the dark (3 of those are after the jump.)

Von Teese has tweeted in the past that she is preparing to release a book on beauty. Meanwhile, and we don't know if it is it or another one is upcoming, but you can expect to see her new title Fetish Goddess: Dita by Dita Von Teese from September 2010, which appears to be a look book...

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