Travalo Makes it Easy to Carry Perfume in your Luggage, & More {Shopping Tip of the Day}

Travalo-B.jpgThere has been quite the buzz about a new spray system trademarked by Travalo, a brand of travel perfume atomizers which makes it easy not only to carry fragrance in your purse, travel bag or suitcase but also, and that's newer, a cinch by the looks of it, to decant scent from bottle to purse spray.

The label also likes to stress that it will allow you to preserve the anonymity of the fragrance you are wearing and even encourages you to use their system to customize your own blend... 

A term borrowed from the vocabulary of oenology, "decant" and "decanting" are commonly used by perfume-wearers to refer to the action of transferring fragrance from one container to another, the second one usually much smaller in size.

While doing it the old-fashioned way might imply using a mini funnel or directing the nozzle of your perfume bottle to make it align with a container and spray inside of it - potentially with a few drops landing outside the targeted container, if not more - this new system allows you to tether the purse atomizer to the bottle and just exercise vertical pressure to have the Travalo be filled each time with more perfume without contact with exterior air.

The contents are limited to 4 ml, so it's more of a momentary fix than a real vacation solution depending on your perfuming habits and the concentration of fragrance you use for your favorite scents.

Traditionally, perfume purse atomizers were dedicated to housing extrait, the highest concentration of perfume. They were a sign of refinement and luxury for the well-heeled. But it does not have to look luxurious, it could simply be super practical too.

The Jet Black edition was just released with the idea of appealing to unisex sensibilities.

Price: 12,50€. Available at for several international markets.

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  1. I`ve already saw on some online stores this travalo pocket sprays, and they really look like a handy way to have your purse spray without loosing juice in the decanting process. Only who has made a lot of decants knows how it`s hard sometimes to avoid loosing juice when you spray the fragrance on the sample or decant bottle. I hope that in the future they produce bigger sizes, like 10ml and 15ml, which would be great for decanting swap purposes.

    Henrique B.
  2. In my opinion FLO is a much better product and holds more juice! It works with all perfumes too!

    • Thank you for the tip!

      Chant Wagner

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