Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Omotesando Girl, Visual Kei, Kawaii/Decora (2010) {New Fragrances}




Gwen Stefani has released a new installment of her quintet of Harajuku Lovers fragrances after the original debut series and the Sunshine Cutesies last summer. This fall, Wicked Style designates a collection inspired by the street fashion styles of a very specific locale in the Harajuku district in Tokyo, the Takeshita-Dori street, a narrow alleyway only reserved to pedestrians.

Love, Lil' Angel, G, Music, and Baby take on nicknames which best describe their individual, revised get-ups and become aka Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Omotesando Girl, Visual Kei, Kawaii/Decora...




Love aka Sweet Lolita is a fruity floral. It has top notes of nectarine, mangosteen, juicy pear. Heart notes of orange flower, lotus flower, violet, osmanthus. Base notes are blonde woods, musk, sandalwood, hint of patchouli, dash of praline. The scent was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel.

Lil' Angel aka Gothic Lolita is a sparkling floral. Top notes are succulent plum, champagne, pomelo, bergamot. Mid notes are blooming lotuses, fresh queen rose leaf, waterlilies. Base notes are satin wood, rich amber, skin musks. The fragrance is signed by perfumer Céline Barel.

G or Omotesando Girl is a fruity floral. Top notes are granny smith apple, peach, pineapple. Heart notes are watermelon, butterfly blush, peony. Base notes are raspberry, musk, water accord. The perfume is by nose Christelle Laprade.

Music or Visual Kei is a woody floral. Head notes are juicy apple, watery fruit, bergamot. Middle notes are jasmine, gardenia, fuschia, peony. Base notes are swirling cedarwood, iridescent musks, crystallized amber. It was created by perfumer Adriana Medina.

Baby or Kawaii/Decora is a vanilla floral. Top notes open on white peach, red delicious apple, pink freesia. Heart notes are pink plumeria, lush orchid, jasmine petals. Base notes are glowing amber, sensual musk, creamy sandalwood. It is signed by perfumer Honorine Blanc.

In accordance with the novelty character of the collection, several whimsical options are available to experience the Wicked Style lineup including a limited-edition doll house / gift set in which you can place the Harajuku dolls ($100) and a limited-edition mini rollerball coffret shown on the second picture ($15.) Available at Sephora.

Via hlfragrance.com, news-gate.info, Sephora

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