The City of Beverly Hills Must Have, Rodeo, Iconic (2010): Perfume Still the Best Sign of the Good Life {New Fragrances}




While some people may bemoan the route of the loss of prestige that fragrance is taking by becoming too democratic, too Walmart, a small yet prestigious town still believes that it is the best merchandising option, not to say representation, they can find to convey the sense of plush life it embodies.

The City of Beverly Hills is preparing to launch a trio of perfumes tomorrow on October 12th, 2010 called Must Have, Rodeo, and Iconic...


"Must Have" will be for the spontaneous, energetic day in the sunshine, "Rodeo" for the red-carpet evening, and "Iconic" for the sexy, soft, playfulness of the night.

Two years in the making, they were developed by Swiss perfumers. Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad said that the idea originated with him initially after experiencing the success of 80s bestseller fragrance Giorgio Beverly Hills.

To ensure a certain level of authenticity, local aromatic materials were transformed into key notes in the fragrances.

Perfumiers used flowers grown in the city, including California species of wild rose, sweet pea, honeysuckle, peony and red cedar.

The flacons which will be unveiled tomorrow were designed by architect Zoltan Pali who is the name behind the city's cultural center.

Mayor Delshad points out, "Forget about size for a minute. This is a world capital: New York, Paris, London, Beverly Hills," he said. "We really want to make a splash."

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