Molinard Patchouli Intense (2010): Gourmand Patch {New Perfume}


patchouli-intense-molinard.jpgFrench perfume house Molinard will release a flanker to their Patchouli fragrance called Patchouli Intense. The smoky, earthy leaves originating from India have been rethought to convey a sense of both gourmandise and intensity for Christmas...


This reminds us of the recent reworking of the French niche perfumery hit Patchouli by Réminiscence, an oldie but goodie from the 1970s, into an Eau de Patchouli with definite gourmand accents.

Patchouli Intense which is characterized as being both woody and fruity. It opens on warm notes of amber with a counterpoint of orange and develops notes of sandalwood and luminous vanilla.

The eau de parfum will launch for the Holidays season and is priced at 59 Euros for 100 ml.


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