Astier de Villatte Introduces New Haute Scents in Dishwashing Liquids (2010) {New Fragrances}


astier-dish-washing-pepper.jpgFrench home-decor designer Astier de Villate introduced a new line of three luxury dishwashing liquids with unconventional fragrances. If Cyprès (Cypress) and Sauge (Sage) might still be felt to have competition in the supermarket aisles in France where dishwashing detergents are getting fancier by the day with names seemingly penned by poets...


Poivre (Pepper) with its dark-molasses coloring is sure to stand out more unambiguously from the madding crowd. I have not yet seen any low-brow dishwashing liquid scented with black pepper, nor white or green for that matter although pink pepper might have sneaked in there as part of floral compositions.

If you want a little excitement around the kitchen sink it is safe to bet that Poivre must be the most distinguished Liquide Vaisselle du jour. At the same time, there is a popular science experiment involving dishwashing liquid, water and black pepper which might have been a source of inspiration.

Price for 500 ml is 12€.

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