Lulu Time (2008): The 1960s Smelled of Patch & Musk {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}



OK, so we missed this UK celebrity perfume of the end of 2008 which launched in December then. But it is so worth it to take a look back at it. In fact for all the missing fragrances from the blog, I should maybe start categories like "Recent Launches" and "Launches in the not too distant past." Time is an entry by Glasgow-born Scottish singer Lulu...


...who first came to prominence during the Swinging Sixties as a teenage phenom.

The hit song that made her was Shout reprised from the Isley Brothers. Her real birth name is Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie - and now Lulu Kennedy-Cairns - of To-Sir,-With-Love fame in the US in particular. If in the title song of the movie, she did say at one point "How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?" it averes that in real life, Lulu is also a regular gung-ho perfumista.

"Personally I have always been very sensitive to scents - they can shape my mood and stir long dormant memories.  When I had the chance to create my own fragrance I fully embraced the opportunity.  It's a passion of mine.  I have always collected fragrances - oils, candles, incense, perfumes and I love to use scents to set a scene or conjure a mood.  I love pine and cinnamon as they whisk me back to childhood Christmases."

She adds,

"I knew I didn’t want anything too heavy, too sweet or too fruity. My ideal was a fragrance that was sexy – but shy! A fragrance that made me feel happy,  warm and hopeful.  It had to be modern – but with a familiarity too. To achieve this, I combined smells that reminded me of the sixties - patchouli and a light musk - with scents from other, more recent times in my life – uplifting bergamot, an exotic spicy fragrance  and an unusual, addictive pink pepper from Peru that is said to elicit a happy feeling.  I added fresh lemon and warm jasmine to recreate the feeling of sun-kissed sexiness and freedom one enjoys on holiday.  For me these scents blended together are time captured in a bottle."

A video on the UK QVC site indicates the singer might have developed her fragrance with Givaudan referred to as the biggest fragrance company in the world.

Evidently, Time is intriguing for its authentic biographical throwback aura to the 60s. Time capsule or trendy fragrance? We'll have to smell of course.

A 50 ml eau de toilette is £35 at

You can watch a video of Shout by Lulu,


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