Gucci Guilty for Men (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}





Gucci will launch the masculine counterpart to Guilty for Women with Guilty for Men. The advertisement features the same protagonists as in the original ad, i.e., Chris Evans and Rachel Woods, but this time the focus is on the man. The flacon was made to look more like a flask of alcohol, to be consistent with the theme of a man who knows how to play hard, as in hard liquor apparently...




Fantasies about finding the best "equal" or bantering female on the planet, as in the scenario developed around Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, motivates the story behind the scent, which seems mostly devoted to appealing to the narcissism of dudes: "a very charismatic man with incomparable taste who likes to challenge conventions and break these without remorse if they limit his passion." And again about the scent itself "dangerous and irresistible: for men who know the power of a game and are ready to go all out if they meet their female counterparts."

Looking at the description of notes, these sound pretty sedate compared to the high-power sexed game promised by the fragrance: top notes are lemon and lavender...OK; heart notes includes "the soft, plesant scent of orange blossom" (we are almost ready for a nap, it seems); base notes are "the pleasant scent of cedarwood and patchouli" (lots of pleasant things going on apparently, which seem to be there to calm the nerves of the high-strung hard players.)

Having said that, the Gucci fragrance portfolio is not to be sniffed at generally speaking, but could they please cut down on the high-volume narcissism that might impact teenagers and, say, put the balls in the fragrance instead?

Prices for the Eau de Toilette: 90ml/77€, 50 ml/59€, 30ml/47€.

Here's the review of the fragrance.


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