Lubin Parfums Have Opened a Brick and Mortar Perfumery in Paris {Fragrance News}




Lubin parfums, or "le parfumeur Lubin" as people would colloquially say in French in the 19th century have inaugurated a brick and mortar store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, rue des Canettes, a street located bewteen St Sulpice and St Germain des près in a very attractive neighborhood of the capital city where it will be easy for sight-seeing tourists and strollers to make a stop-over...


In the olden days, Lubin est. 1798 used to be located rue Royale, also rue Sainte Anne. Since having been acquired by Gilles Thévenin in 2000, the brand has developed both an online and boutique presence but this is their first flagship store to open.

The perfumery catalog comprises both near-faithful renditions of vintage classics like Gin Fizz inspired by Grace Kelly and new creations entrusted to contemporary perfumers like Bluff.

Lubin is part of a movement of resurrection of vintage and ancient perfume houses and labels that has developed in the last few years in France.


21, rue des Canettes

75006 Paris

Tel: 33 (0) 43 29 52 42

boutique at

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