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Fragrances-World-2011-A.jpgLike each year, fragrance industry expert Michael Edwards will release the latest edition of Fragrances of the World also nicknamed "The Fragrance Bible" in January of 2011.

Continuing to expand the references found in the guidebook, 850 new perfumes have been indexed in the 27th annual edition. The illustrations of the book have been entrusted this year to Givaudan,

"stunning images of scent notes courtesy of Givaudan, one of the great creative houses. "The photographs take us, visually speaking, to the core of raw materials,” explains Hugh Wilson, Givaudan’s Head of Marketing Fine Fragrance - Europe." ....


Portrait Michael Edwards-A.jpgMichael Edwards said,

“It is the only reference to track the increasingly important niche segment with more than 900 fragrances from 60 niche houses classified in the 2011 edition,” “This brings the total to more than 7,500 fragrances classified going back as far as 1985.


Looking back at 2009 and 2010 Edwards analyzed trends by fragrance families and found out that feminine fragrances still remain majoritarily floral with 43% of the launches taking place in this category. The two next most popular groups are florientals with 14% and woody orientals with 10%. The least popular category is aromatic which does not even amount to 1%. Green, watery and dry woody scents are only on the map thanks to a mini 1% share. Surprisingly in light of the commercial vogue of fruity-florals, fruity perfumes are shown to take only 3% of the pie, but this looks more like a classification choice than a reflection of reality as the fruity-florals seem to be incorporated into the more dominant floral group.


“Headspace technology has given perfumers an avalanche of exciting new floral notes: it allows them to identify and clone the scent of blooms from which no oil can be extracted by traditional methods,” said Michael. “As a result, each year unusual new notes are found, revitalising the traditional floral theme.”


Masculine fragrances continue to be predominantly woody skewing our perception of woods as being the chaps' purview. Aromatic scents which are so marginal in feminine launches are the second most appealing category for the masculine fragrance field. Woody orientals are the third most popular group. Green colognes, like for women's scents, are very rare at 1%. Fruity and floral compositions do not hold industrial sway at all although some designers, precisely for these reasons, like to use these notes to propose a slight transgressive effect in some popular men's perfumes.


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