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International perfume expert Michael Edwards has published the 26th annual edition of his work with Fragrances of the World 2010/ Parfums du Monde 2010. The new edition lists 7000 fragrances including 800 new releases. The cover features an artwork by perfumer Michel Roudnitska.

Edwards was inducted into the Australian Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame last summer.

"Besides the new standout scents that capture our attention as well as the classics that increase with popularity each year, the most notable trend in the industry right now comes from the growth in niche products," said Michael Edwards...

"Fragrance is a sociological phenomenon," he said. On the one hand, perfume is a commodity, dominated by global brands and fashion houses, but on the other hand we're in a new golden age of perfume, driven by artisans who seek to create experiences rather than brands," said Michael."

Fragrances of the World is the most comprehensive guidebook to perfumes that are available in the different markets. The chronological house index by perfume brands lists a bit more, offering some discontinued perfumes without however aiming to offer full historical timelines: "It also lists limited editions and previously significant fragrances that have been discontinued." The purpose is to be both informative and practical while proposing some measure of value judgment. Chapters index scents by fragrance families and list them separately as feminines and masculines to better orient the reader.

You can take a look at a page sample from the book here (2009 edition)

The 2010 edition is introduced this December 2009 in Europe and in January 2010 in the rest of the world.

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