Natura Brasil Essencial Exclusivo (2010) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Essencial-Exclusivo.jpgBrazilian beauty brand Natura Brasil have introduced a new men's perfume called Essencial Exclusivo. "The first inhale of this warmhearted fragrance expresses with simplicity the very essence of man." The scent is said to rest on the force of woodsy extracts, the tenderness of floral notes and a hint of spice...


...the latter which is meant to convey the message that, with you, nothing should be taken for granted.

On the Brazilian site a similarly named fragrance Essencial Eau de Parfum Para o Homem is listed but the bottle is transparent and it is described as a fougère with green accents. The ingredients proportions in terms of their natural origins are also different.

The perfume Essencial Exclusivo which appears on the French website is carried by organic alcohol. 81,6% of its composition is of sustainable renewable natural origin. 80,7% of its ingredients are certified and 98% of the packaging is recyclable.


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