SC Johnson Takes the Lead with Fragrance-Ingredient Family Standard of Transparency {Fragrance News}




Company SC Johnson have announced the introduction of a new Family Standard of Transparency which goes beyond industry standard and will include full disclosure of fragrance ingredients on products, as well as of dye ingredients. From November 25, 2010 an ad campaign entitled "Honesty" debuted which can be viewed here. It is animated by 5th generation Johnson family member Fisk Johnson diffusing the message that SC Johnson are staunch believers in family values and therefore, transparency of information,

The truth is, companies often don’t have to tell you everything that’s in their products,” said Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson, the fifth generation leader of SC Johnson. “But we’re a family company that believes in working hard to do what’s right for the families who buy our products – and one of the things that means is being transparent with what’s in our products.”...


So far, the industry standard has been to print fragrance ingredients that are considered potentially allergenic as determined by IFRA on packaging. This move by SC Johnson is a complete turnaround from the prevalent general attitude of secrecy in the fragrance industry although gas chromatography has made this traditional secrecy outdated to insiders. The stand might have a moral and cultural impact of import though on consumers' expectations and work as a precedent.

The information will be published on a dedicated website called As of today, the mention "Fragrance information will be added soon" can be read next to the SC Johnson perfumed products.

Functional fragranced products rely less on storied mystery and myth to appeal to its customer base. Nevertheless, this policy initiative is meaningful and can be seen as encouraging a potentially important shift in prevalent mentalities. 

Via Perfumer & Flavorist

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