When the Parisian Metro Smelled of Carnation in 1959 {Perfume Images & Ads}



L'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) holds quite a reserve of perfumes reels. In this one, you can watch a segment on the Parisian metro filmed in 1959 where a journalist, Michel Péricard, asks an RATP engineer, M. Mamier, about the latest olfactive innovation created for the comfort of passengers. On line 1, a scent of carnation is sprayed every 6 trains, while on line 4 they decided to diffuse pine essence. A passenger comments that he prefers the new scent to that of human sweat. The journalist asks if per chance the station Jasmine would smell of jasmine and Porte des Lilas of lilac. But no, there would have to be too many samples. Today in 2010, the metro is scented with the perfume of madeleine, a fragrance devised by nose Pierre Nuyens as in a Proustian homage and which also reveals the contemporary taste for gourmand fragrances...

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