Perfumer Gilles Romey Talks about Coffee {Perfume Images & Ads}


A perfumer emerges froms the shadows

In this 2001 commercial for the French brand of coffee Carte Noire, a parfumeur-créateur, Gilles Romey, appears in a rare occurrence of use of a perfumer as a public figure...

Romey is the creator of Rocabar by Hermès, or Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens, among others. He is showcased in the commercial as an expert on scents and flavors, talking about the aromas of a morning brew.

Perfumers are more often than not men and women of the shadows - less so today though. What is interesting here is the fact that this public display of affection, and more importantly, respect, for the profession of perfumer took place early on, in 2001.

While the French respect their artisans a lot, in a reserved fashion, it's not part of the culture to exhibit these talents since arts and crafts come with an aura of confidentiality and even secrecy in France. And also, these guys work hard.

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