Mauboussin Pour Elle, Swarovski Aura (2011) {New Fragrances}




While I was perusing my latest copy of Gala this past weekend, I happened on an announcement for two upcoming fragrances, by two jewelry brands.

Jeweler Mauboussin will launch a new women's perfume called Pour Elle which means "For Her" in French. The bottle has a cap with a wedding band / engagement ring soldered to it...


The idea, we guess, is that the perfume reconnects with the idea of being offered as a gift, from a man to a woman, rather than being selected by Madame at, say, Sephora.

The jus is described by the magazine as being "fresh and crystalline." As we pointed out earlier on, this is one of the major fragrance trends to watch (and enjoy) in 2011: the irruption of particularly icy cool and expansive, pristine perfume notes. Apparently, perfume wants to become a sign of purity and catharsis this year. Notes include: rhubarb, rose, red fruits, jasmine, amber and sandalwood.

Expect to see on shelves in April 2011. A 100 ml Eau de Parfum is priced at 59€.

Swarovski are also launching their debut perfume called Aura (not to be confused with Crystal Aura by Avon which came adorned with a Swarovski crystal.) While the crystal expert has been on too numerous fragrance bottles to count, offering an effect of brilliance to ambery juices, it is a first for them to think of a signature fragrance evoking their trademark material. The brand decided to go for simplicity rather than cover the bottle of Aura with a shower of crystals and thus only one "stone" will be showcased.

Gala, here again, calls the composition a "luminous" one. The fragrance includes notes of litchi, tuberose, pink peppercorn, amber, benzoin, white musk.

The Eau de Parfum will be for sale from April 2011, 96€ for 75 ml.

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  1. hola, je suis a Madrid, et je veurrai savoir quand est la journée presentation de Aura ici, je croi quíl est le prochaine vendredi, mais tu connais plus detalles. Mon francaise nést pas bon, excuse-moi.

    • Je ne sais pas, je dois dire que tu as l'air d'être plus au courant que moi à ce sujet!

      Chant Wagner
  2. la presentation c ´est maintenant, si tu veux, quand je serai mieux informée je te raconte


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