New Nano Arum Lily Smells Like Something Man-Made {The 5th Sense in the News}

Arum-lily.jpgResearchers in Perth, Australia have discovered a new species of Arum Lily which flourishes only for 2 days during the wet season. It smells curiously familiar, yet somewhat incongruous.

"A NEW SPECIES OF desert lily that smells like a burnt-out electrical motor has been discovered in Western Australia's Kimberley region,".....


Dr Matthew Barrett of Kings Park and Botanic Garden, in Perth elaborates further,

"Based on his previous research of  other arum species, Matthew says the unusual perfume is likely volatile chemical amines released by the plant. "The burnt-out electrics smell is the plant trying to attract a specific type of pollinator beetle, called the rove beetle," he says."

Read more in the Australian Geographic...

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