Only in France: An Eau de Toilette Dispenser is Indispensable in a Restroom {Perfume Images & Ads}


A bit grubby perhaps (a lot; I chose the most realistic and documentary-style picture of the bunch, with streaks of human use) but still bringing a touch of luxe to your ordinary restroom experience is the Eau de Toilette dispenser encountered in a restroom at a rest area in France seemingly confirming the reputation of the country as a nation of perfume addicts...

Yes, they do it even whent traveling on the road. The container may not be fancy but the intention is there. In fact, the contrast between the supposed refinement of the jus inside (it is not even a plain o' Eau de Cologne) and the square, angular practicality of the dispensing device, its unconventional, prosaic aperture for a fragrance "bottle" which seems to cut through all the fancy culture of perfume, are funny. Need perfume? Got perfume. Squeesh.

The Eau de Toilette was a light and fresh citrusy scent aiming for the most consensual accord of all, the one that would help you ease your migraine rather than trigger it. It also, incredibly, managed to not smell like Lemon Glade but real perfume, albeit nothing too complex. I repeat, it did not smell cheap, but honest, despite the lack of brand pride.

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