3 Videos about Beyoncé Heat Rush: Smelling It, Making It, Advertising It {Perfume Images & Adverts}

beyonce-heat-rush-smelling.jpgHeat Rush by Beyoncé is benefiting from extensive coverage on You Tube. First, we are offered a quasi intimate look at a smelling session with Beyoncé in attendance trying to decide which sample of perfume formulation to choose from. "Sunset Cocktail Mod 5" gets the nod from her and it's considered by all as the "risky" one, with an overdose of fruit in it. Then Honorine Blanc, the perfumer who actually composed the fragrance or most of it, is interviewed explaining some of the creative process. For her, "...fragrance can create what you call a second life, what you would like to be without the rules of society." Finally, we get the new commercial for the perfume which has been sanitized compared to the one for Heat. Not that there was really anything wrong with the latter, but some outrage poured from some quarters and it looks like the brand has had to watch for supposedly out-of-control sensuality. Yep, this time, it does look much more "tasteful" and gauzy.

As the French would say, "Cachez-moi ce sein que je ne saurais voir" (private national and literary joke)....

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