Molinard Eau de Molinard (2011): Reconnecting with Their History of Gender {New Fragrance}



Molinard this spring 2011 is reviving the concept of an unisex perfume with the launch of Eau de Molinard described as their first ever unisex introduction since the 19th century in 1849, the year of the house's establishment. A marketing concept first and foremost with a certain social truth invested in it, an unisex fragrance means that a composition was thought out as having a good balance between what can be experienced as characteristically masculine notes (woods) and feminine ones (flowers), say, while aiming to please across the gender gap...


Perfume purists usually shun such distinctions but they nevertheless add another level yet of meaning to fragrances becoming further pretexts for creative thinking or conversely, in the worst case scenarios, of stereotyping solidification.

The house of Molinard became famous with a gender-bending perfume of high quality, Habanita, a garçonne perfume from the Roaring Twenties designed for the reckless female smoker with a taste for cigarettes if not cigar (but certainly not pipe.)

The tag line is "Eau de Molinard, the new fragrance to be adopted like a timeless trend." (« Eau de Molinard, la nouvelle fragrance à adopter comme une tendance intemporelle ».)

Eau de Molinard is described as being elegant and harmonious, with fresh and gushing notes. The fragrance opens on hesperidic notes typical of eaux fraîches such as here bergamot, mandarin and lemon while a subtle note of ginger gives them a new tension. The heart is both floral and spicy mingling jasmine, ylang ylang, cardamom and cinnamon. The lingering notes are ambery and woody with notes of sandalwood, vetiver and blue cedar while a note of tonka bean makes sure to turn the blend into an addictive potion, according to the brand.

The scent will be available as a 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Via La Boutique du Parfum

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