Multiple-Bud-Vase: Diversity or Regularity {Home Decoration}



I passed by this window display this morning, before it turned all gray and cold. Love the idea of mixing and matching apparently disparate flowers and fruits. The bud vases capture the light well, which is something to think of in winter...


You can put the multiple bud vase near a window sill and it will work as a light-catcher while misting the air and scenting it, if you choose your flowers carefully.

Lately I spotted the first lilacs of the season as well as mimosas. The latter are more abundant. It would create a nice contrast of purple and yellow, of feathery texture and porcelain-like one. As for the scent, the delicate aroma of mimosa would probably be shut out by the lilac, unless they are of the diffusive sort.

You can decompose your bouquet into a military row of roses or daisies. This could be fun.

 If I find the brand name of this particular vase, I will update the post.


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