Lush Inhale & Exhale (2007/2011): Breath of God & Back {New Fragrances}


Lush_Inhale_Exhale.jpgLush have gone back to the original scents behind Breath of God described as "Simon Constantine's first fine fragrance, created after his journey to Tibet." The composition has been broken down anew into two meaningful halves: Inhale and Exhale...


Created initially in 2007 as a her-and-him duo under the now defunct label B Never too Busy to be Beautiful, they were collapsed together in 2008 to form Breath of God. Now, under the new Gorilla Perfume label, they have been separated again as two unisex perfume oils in lab bottles meant to be blended. Breath of God is also still available as a whole scent but reconditioned in a black, opaque bottle.

They indeed seem to be really going bananas over perfume at Gorilla's and playing with them like with Legos.

Inhale is the "

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