Bond No.9 Pays Homage to Madison Square Park {New Fragrance - 2011}

Madison Square Park_Bond_9.jpg

Bond No. 9 are once again turning their attention to a typical New York City spot: Madison Square Park. The fragrance inspired by it is described as "an arresting, super-bright mélange of romantic florals and crisp greens."...


The flacon follows the same idea with its head-turning neon-fuschia-pink which is winking in the direction of the shocking pink by Schiaparelli. It is contrasted with a chartreuse-with-a-hint-of-spinach green which feels both organic and fashionable.

The color palette is there for an olfactive and synergetic reason, as a reference to the pink and green notes of the scent.

Madison Square Park was composed by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF, who sought ideas in a reawakening neighborhood.