Jo Loves will Capture the Spirit and Cherished Flavors of Jo Malone Herself {Fragrance News - New Brand}


Jo Malone, the creator of the brand Jo Malone which has been part of the Estée Lauder Cos. group since 1999 and is out of her hands since she left in 2006 as their artistic director, is going back to fragrance-making after a four-to-five-year hiatus.

The stay-at-home-mom-and-entrepreneur is now tapping back into her entrepreneurial dreams. Inspired by her recent homey experiences. Jo Loves, her new brand, will be devoted to exploring flavor-inspired fragrances aka "gustatory" and "gourmand" perfumes in industry lingo...


Jo_Loves_Malone.jpgJo Loves has been conceptualized as a global high-end brand although the founder has no specific target audience in mind. She plans to appeal to people who will have similar tastes as hers. The label to be unveiled more fully later this year is supported by a dedicated website,, which has gone live today.

Designer Jo Malone told Women's Wear Daily that her TV shows "Highstreet Dreams," which gives breaks to deserving budding entrepreneurs, made her realize how she longed for new beginnings,“It made me remember I love the beginnings of anything,” she said.

Words that describe fragrance will also be re-thought by the designer as, "she will also introduce her own terminology to describe the different types of fragrances she’s created."

While perfume will be the focus and the central reservoir of ideas for Jo Loves, apparently there might be a more plural approach for the brand, which might include other (undisclosed as of yet) items.

Fragrance is the thing that makes my heart beat, it’s the thing I think about every single day,” said Malone. “It’s something that makes me incredibly happy and fulfils me as a human being.”

You can watch a video featuring Jo Malone explaining her vision,

Jo Loves... from Jo Malone on Vimeo.

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