Prada Infusion de Rose (2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition}

Prada_Infusion_Rose.jpgPrada will launch a new Ephemeral declension of their Infusion opuses called Infusion de Rose from April 2011. The concept is inspired by the pillar launch of Infusion d'Iris in 2007. This is the fourth in the collection of seasonal Infusions introduced by the brand following Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger, Infusion de Tubéreuse and Infusion de Vétiver...


The composition is signed, as always, by perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan who has been responsible for the whole collection. She has consistently developed an aesthetic of the fugacious and fragile in this series of scent, as suggested by the word "infusion." The new illustration on the packaging representing a pattern called "Trembling Blossoms" encourages you to think that this pursuit of the evanescent will continue around the tonalities of the rose flower. The art was created by American-Taiwanese artist James Jean who already collaborated on the 2008 Prada collection and the animated movie of the same name.

The perfume will reportedly not be marketed in France; elsewhere it will be distributed through exclusive channels. It certainly sounds like the Asian market might be a natural landing point for this perfume.

The notes composing the scent are: Turkish and Bulgarian roses, Sicilian mandarin, peppermint, Brazilian maté, Laotian beeswax.


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