Roger & Gallet Fragrances Now Available in the US Pharmacy Circuit at Duane Reade {Fragrance News}


Roger et Gallet Est. 1862, although they once upon a time created luxury perfumes, boasting in the 1920s - before the era of the more famous Joy by Patou - that Fleurs d'Amour (Flowers of Love) was "The most luxurious perfume in the world", have more generally preferred to reclaim their apothecary heritage born out of the original recipe of Jean-Marie Farina's Eau de Cologne. Today, they prefer to describe themselves as having "a tradition of perfumer-apothecary." In France, they are sold through the pharmacy circuit and in the larger distribution sector at places like Monoprix....

Their fragrances are often used as simple, refreshing "perfumed waters". They have more recently offered fragrances which inch towards a slightly more upscale feel in that they clearly wish to convey a message of higher fantasy.

Luxury fragrances can be recognized not only based on their materials and packaging or advertising but thanks to their names and stories. The fancier the name, the more dream-triggering syllables uttered, the closer you get to a luxury feel. The two most recent launches, Bois d'Orange and Amande Persane are more creative-sounding than, say, Bambou, Shiso, or Rose.

Now they are coming to the everyday, casual-beauty US market and more particularly to Duane Reade in New York City.

Roget et Gallet offer women's and men's perfumes and beauty products as well as toiletries items. Their round soaps traditionally made in cauldrons are well-known and come in a lovely Art Nouveau packaging which would be even more appreciated - this is our guess - if they were not so ubiquitous.

"To fete the launch of its collection at Duane Reade, Roger & Gallet handed out 6,000 sweet-smelling roses over two days with special cards redeemable for an elegant tote bag with any Roger & Gallet purchase of $20 or more at select locations."

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