Caron Yuzu Man Bridges the Gap between East and West (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}



Caron, the name behind the iconic masculine perfume Caron Pour Un Homme, have launched a new men's fragrance during Paris Fashion Week called Yuzu Man. The tag line is simply "L'Equilibre" (Balance.) In a house which has celebrated women's fragrances, this will be their 5th men's title after Pour Un Homme (1934), Yatagan (1976), Le No. 3 or Le Troisième Homme (1985), L'Anarchiste (2000). In 2005 they also released L'Impact de Pour un Homme, an extrait flanker to Pour un Homme...



In the public presentation to the press, the image of the new Caron masculine appeared delineated against an Asian-landscape background with a music destined to reinforce the exotic associations of Yuzu Man. Follwowing a brief introduction, fragrance models circulated in the crowd to spray the new Eau de Toilette onto bird feathers for people to smell. Someone declared it to be "subtle."


The composition signed by Caron in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse, who attended the launch taking place at the Salon des Miroirs in Paris, is based on the scent of the very fragrant and popular native agrume to East Asia (C. ichangensis x C. reticulata var. austera.), a hybrid of mandarin and lemon.

If there have been Asian references in the history of Caron - one thinks about the rickshaw and Chinese-dragon adverts for Poivre (1954) seemingly hinting at Sichuan pepper - this is their most culturally-connoted launch to date and one which seems to be in tune with the Asian market.

The exotic citrusy thematic can also be seen as a means to reinvent the freshness of the lavender found in Pour Un Homme.


Via Homactu;, see video below,


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  1. Hello! Was you here during the Caron's Night?

    We want thank you to share the video of our house :)
    And we wrote also a little article about it.

    Morgan of On Aura Tout Vu
    • Hello, please do tell more -- did you design the ad campaign? I shot you an email.

      Chant Wagner

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