Cousu de Fil Blanc Absinthe, Poppy and Hemp (2011) {New Fragrances}

cousu_de_fil_blanc_absinthe.jpgCousu de Fil Blanc, a new brand established by co-founders Carole Dichampt and Caroline Burzynski-Delloye started off as an artisanal soap brand with recherché ingredients such as chestnut milk, mountain milk smelling of mountain pasture, and arty paper packaging as the latter of the two founders is a paper artist. Now, they have launched their first trio of fine fragrances called Absinthe, Poppy and Hemp in a direct-quote-from-Baudelaire collection entitled Les Fleurs du Mal, which reportedly comes from the same master-soap workshop...


If the thematic of the group is to make you think of substance abuse and appear slightly sulfurous, in essence, they seem much fresher and clean thanks to the reference to the Eau de Cologne genre as well as their spare packaging.

"Mysterious substance, subversive heart and light head... absinthe, hemp, poppy, these three plants of bad repute inspired three unique colognes from cousu de fil blanc. Apply generously... The scent of these disreputable plants can also be found in their handmade soap.

« …nous aurons des grands lits pleins d’odeurs légères…. Et d’étranges fleurs sur les étagères éclosent pour nous sous des cieux plus beaux… » Charles Baudelaire

Absinthe: euphoria of wormwood and labdanum, sweetened with aniseed and a touch of liquorice, absinthe ends on refreshing notes of lavender and rosemary.

Poppy: misty aquatic harmonies of moss and musk, a few armfuls of irises, and suddenly a bloom: a delicate poppy dancing in the wind.

Hemp: a nutmeg and vetiver base, hints of spice, a heart of hemp, a flirt with cardamom and, surprise, a splash of sparkling mandarin.

Each 50 ml eau de toliette is priced at 48€.

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