Rechristening of Perfumes at l'Artisan Parfumeur and Odin {Fragrances News}



Two perfumes (at least) have changed their names in the recent past. Lest this might spoil your fragrance experience by getting you confused, here are reminders of those changes.

L'Artisan Parfumeur initially launched a vanilla composition under the name Havana Vanille in 2009...


It has now been renamed Vanille Absolument. If the Havana inspiration remains drawn out in picture, it has exited the title of the fragrance.

The second newly christened perfume is Odin 01 Sunda.Its original incarnation was Odin 01 Nomad.

In the past, a famous and controversial example of perfume rechristening was Champagne by YSL which became known as Yvresse after a legal battle with Champagne producers' label rights.

Guerlain also decided once upon a time that Guet-Apens would be better-off with a new name: Attrape-Coeur.

If there can be pretty spectacular turn-abouts as in the case of Jennifer Aniston EDP, most of the time, name-changes are discreet and gradual, as a result of evolving context. Jean-Paul Gaultier which became Classique and Burberry London which is now shortened to Burberry are cases in point.

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