Fragonard Celebrates The Year of Orange Blossom with Belle d'Avril (2011) {New Fragrance}



Southern perfume house Fragonard is celebrating 2011 as the year of orange blossom. Among the planned events for the house is the launch of a new perfume called Belle d'Avril based on both neroli and orange blossom...

 while playing up the "opulent notes of neroli."

The first one is the steam-distilled product of bigaradier or bitter orange tree flower. Orange blossom, in a technical sense, designates the same product when it is extracted using solvents.

"The deliciously carefree Belle d’Avril lets out a joyful top note of neroli, bergamot orange and lily of the valley, exhaling a magnificent middle note of orange blossom and laying down its pretty head on a vanilla-scented back note. This enchanting floral beauty will undoubtedly turn heads wherever it goes!"

A 200 ml Eau de Toilette is available for 37€ on their international e-site

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