Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater, Lavender, Lily (2011): Back to the Soliflores {New Fragrances}


crabtree_floral_collection.jpgCrabtree and Evelyn have expanded their collection of soliflores entitled the Floral Fragrance Collection with the addition of Rosewater, Lavender and Lily (for lily of the valley.) Last year, they launched Iris.

I am not sure whether we can still say that soliflores are a little quaint since they seem to be around quite a lot. There would be nonetheless the closet soliflores like Chloé EDP, By Kilian Love & Tears, Surrender and as in the case of Crabtree and Evelyn, the open ones...

The toiletry and perfume brand previously carried the scents now advertised as new releases but in a different packaging. The flacons have become the support of watercolors turning more into decorative objects. It is also possible that the compositions are not exactly the same...

The soliflores are described as "exquisite single-note floral fragrances that capture the beauty of a garden in full bloom"  and as "little luxuries that enhance your well-being."

crabtree_evelyn_lavender.jpg"The uplifting fragrance of lavender calls to mind gentle breezes rolling over lush fields on an idyllic summer day. Our eau de toilette features fresh lavender bloom enhanced with violet leaf, jasmine, exotic tonka bean, soft musk, and a touch of lemon."


"The romantic and enchanting fragrance of Rosa centifolia, the hundred-petal rose, has inspired perfumers throughout the centuries. Our eau de toilette pays homage to this captivating ingredient with an enticing blend of rosewater surrounded with notes of violet, peony, fresh green foliage, and musk accords."

crabtree_evelyn_lily_valley.jpg"Heralding the arrival of spring with its delicate bell-shaped flowers, lily of the valley is a beloved woodland wonder. Our eau de toilette features a perfect single accord of lily of the valley blended with dewy greens, velvety woodland mosses, musk, and hints of hyacinth and ylang ylang."

The Eaux de Toilette are available in 100 ml and 30 ml Traveller sizes for $45 and $25 respectively.

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