Make it Smell Unisex Mariah: a Plea by the Lambies {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

 mariah_carey_unisex_perfume_petition.jpgRams have been trying to make their voices heard from amongst the lambs. Mariah Carey's fans, also known as Lambs, have set up a petition page over at Facebook in an unprecedented move to make the celebrity be more gender-sensitive to her masculine followers... 


The fans are asking their idol if she could please consider making her two upcoming new fragrances to be launched in July 2011 with Elizabeth Arden, be unisex? "All her male fans would like a unisex fragrance and have started a Facebook petition"

on the page one can read the following statement,

"Welcome to our Mariah Carey Lamb's ♥ PERFUME PETITION ♥.... Our "MariahMission" is to gain "Like" from Lambies around the World who would like Mariah Carey to create a NEW UNISEX FRAGRANCE with Elizabeth Arden."

What you need to do is Like-This the perfume petition. So far, 254,436 clicked on "Like This."

Via press release

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