Scented Quote of the Day, about White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds _ad.jpgWe're memorializing Elizabeth Taylor through fragrance. Here is a quote we found which reveals how much of a leading engine Liz Taylor was in shaping the celebrity-fragrance market thanks to her charisma and unique pull. In 1991, when White Diamonds was launched following Passion in 1987 and Passion for Men in 1989, it was thought to be a daring idea to introduce a second celebrity fragrance built around the same person, for the same audience of fans.

The conventional thinking was that a celebrity scent had to be the distillation of the celebrity's essence, therefore, there could not be more than one quintessential appraisal of the personality. Today, this view has been completely turned topsy-turvy and one expects without batting an eyelash many fragrances from the same star, even several at the same time as for Reese Witherspoon Expressions most recently. Elizabeth did it before her, with her collection of Fragrant Jewels in 1993...

Even the egg-shaped bottle of White Diamonds, which remains a bestseller, seems to have influenced quite a few notable fragrance bottles since then.

This is what they said back in 1991,

"Elizabeth Taylor, the ultimate Hollywood survivor, is about to do something virtually unheard of: launch a sequel to her first celebrity scent.

This time, her vehicle will be called White Diamonds. It is the latest entry in what Parfums International, Ltd., executives have dubbed the "House of Taylor."

"We really feel lighting can strike twice," said Thomas Moloney, vice president of marketing for Parfums International, a division of Elizabeth Arden. "If we didn't have success with Passion or Passion for Men, we wouldn't be doing another Elizabeth Taylor fragrance. Nobody I know has done two celebrity fragrances for women."

Source: Women's Wear Daily.

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