Avon Expressions by Reese Witherspoon: Love to the Fullest, Live without Regrets, Laugh Often (2011) {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes}



laugh_often_bottle.jpgActress Reese Witherspoon is following up this month on the successful launch of her debut fragrance In Bloom by Avon (2009) with a more multi-faceted project called Expressions.

The new trio of perfumes is meant to capture different nuances of her personality as a mom, woman, Global Ambassador for Avon and Hollywood thespian. Each scent has a name which reads like an inspirational message: Love to the Fullest, Live without Regrets, and Laugh Often...


The Expressions collection is all about perfume as being reflective and expressive of moods and emotions, fully acknowledging their changing nature while contributing to the, hopefully, better capture of a complete, harmonious personality.

Love to the Fullest is described as a floral-oriental and as the sexiest of the bunch, meant for "the moments that you share with someone special." It reportedly captures the glow of falling in love. It is an opulent composition featuring juicy black cherries, lush peony and floral amber with woods.

Live without Regrets is a fruity-floral scent for the woman who lives intensely every day of her life. The composition is said to be modern, optimistic, and an expression of "pure joy." Notes include opulent flower petals, juicy fruity notes, sparkling bergamot, silky lilies and gardenia.

Laugh Often is said to be a crisp, fresh, and luminous perfume. Its personality is reportedly cheerful and full of spontaneity. There are sunny notes of citrus, mandarin, white tea, light freesia and rose.

Each Eau de Toilette is priced at 35€ for 50 ml.

Via Avon; Cosmoty.de

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  1. This Purfume smell is so cute,so i Like this purfume,Please check It is we can buy in Myanmar,If can please advice the address.

    Nan Ei Thu Thu Han
    • Hello,

      I just checked and Avon do not have a base in the Myanmar market. They are in Thailand though. You could check on eBay either in your country or in a neighboring one like Thailand and see if you can order it that way.

      Chant Wagner

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