Britain's Top Ten Smells Prompt Tetley to Launch Le Brew (2011) {New Fragrance - Limited Edition}


Tetley_Le_Brew.jpgBritish tea company Tetley were struck with the realization that the UK love the smell of tea, in fourth position, after research revealed a top-ten chart of the most popular scents in the country. The list gives the following as favorites:  1 - fresh bread, 2- cut grass, 3- clean laundry, 4-tea, 5-coffee, 6-barbeque, 7- petrol, 8-chocolate, 9-cakes, 10 - new books. Le Brew is called an "Eau de Tea-Lette" for fun...


Le Brew benefited from consumer focus groups who thought the scent was relaxing.

"Tetley’s Senior Tea taster, blender and buyer, Joyce Muendo, commented:  'We selected this scent for Le Brew because it reminded us of freshly cut tea and the tropical scents in the tea plantation.

'The fragrance contains tones of tea alongside Oak Moss and Clary Sage to create a relaxing and totally fresh scent ….just like a great cup of Tetley.'

The fragrance is fronted by cartoon character Tina of the Tetley Tea Folk who is posing as Marilyn Monroe, bringing an aura of celebrity fragrance to Le Brew.

The scent retails for £15.

Via Daily Mail

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