Tiny Idols Prince and Princess (2011): Royal Wedding Party Favors {New Perfumes} {Celebrity Fragrances}

Tiny_idols_royal_wedding.jpgTiny Idols, a label specializing in the creation of miniaturized replicas of real-life celebrities have had the idea to add an aromatic twist to their basic concept and look more like Harajuku Lovers trinkets while doing so. Prince and Princess are two new perfumes to add to the list of Catherine-Middleton and Prince-William inspired wedding memorabilia in scented form...

Their likenesses are - it must be noted - without mouths. Is this a statement about the servitudes of a life of service devoted to the state? Or a lesson learned from Hello Kitty whose lack of mouth is seen as a calming, non-judgemental trait? Some of the Tiny Idols figurines are with mouths, others are without.

Prince is said to be a sophisticated and exuberant jus. Top notes are green mandarin, citrus, ginger, bergamot. Heart notes are wild roses, cedar wood, nutmeg. Base notes are oriental, woody, musky and spicy.

Princess, "a highly wearable light floral blend with floral sensibility" opens on top notes of green leaves, lemon and an aquatic accord. Heart notes are white flowers, tuberose, geranium, ylang ylang. Base notes are cloves, musks and woods.

Each 28 ml bottle of Eau de Toilette is priced at £10 or approximately $16,40 at current exchange rates.

Available at the theperfumeshop.com

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