Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Camellia is Inspired by Chabana & a ScentTrek to Sri Lanka (2011) {New Fragrance}

Green_Tea_Camellia_Arden_A.jpgElizabeth Arden have launched a new variation on the original Green Tea created in 1999 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Last year, there was an elusive Green Tea Lavender which I was able to find on a British site -- any relation to the fact that lavender is an English perfumery material produced by the country? This year, we travel to Asia as Green Tea Camellia refers to a specific moment in the Japanese ceremony of tea while benefiting from the ScentTrek technology of odoriferous-molecule capture to bottle a camellia varietal in Sri Lanka. The fragrance was created by nose Rodrigo Flores-Roux. The perfumer said,

"Ikebana is a far eastern traditional form of flower arrangement.  The most elevated form of ikebana is known as chabana. The prefix Cha relates to its intimate relationship to the ceremony of tea...

Very frequently the centerpiece for this flower arrangement is a very specific kind of fragrant camellia known as sasanqua.  Its delicate fragrance combines peony, rose and mandarin tree blossom notes with a delicate tea nuance.  We reconstituted this elusive scent and infused it into the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea DNA as a starting point for this exciting but delicate fragrance."

The Eau de Toilette is said to open on head notes of sheer bergamot, yuzu, sparkling lemon, green tea vapors and ume plum. The heart unfolds on notes of green tea leaves, camellia sasanqua, white peony, Chinese magnolia, jasmine petals and mandarin tree blossom. The base notes are angelica musk - a vegetal musk - white birch, moss and touches of sweet spices.

Green Tea Camellia EDT is available for $19, $29 and $39. A Honey Drops Cream is part of the line-up.

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