Isabel Derroisné Jardin d'Antalya (2011): 100% Natural Loukoum {New Fragrance} {Rose Notebook} {Green Fragrance}


Jardin_Antalya_Derroisné.jpgThe French mail-order brand founded by the niece of Yves Rocher, Isabel Derroisné, have launched a new fragrance in their 100% natural perfume range inspired by gardens from around the world. In 2011, Southern Turkey serves as reference with Jardin d'Antalya which completes the collection already comprising Jardin de Sicile and Jardin de Bali...


Jardin d'Antalya showcases a "gourmet" accord of rose loukoum, a note recently illustrated in L'Artisan Parfumeur Traversée du Bosphore.

The "floral, rosy, powdery" perfume was composed by perfumer Vincent Ricord. It is said to open on fresh top notes before revealing a spicy rose bouquet in the heart. The deeper notes are woodsy, powdery and sweet.

Notes: cardamom, coriander / Damas Rose, Violet flower / patchouli, vanilla.

To promote the launch, the scent is currently priced at 20€ for 50 ml of Eau de Toilette instead of 35€.

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