Especially Escada (2011): Bar Refaeli Says She Loves It! {New Fragrance}

Especially_Escada.jpgTop model Bar Refaeli has been picked as the face of the new, upcoming feminine Escada fragrance to be launched in August 2011 called Especially Escada. The tag line is "Create your world of happiness." Refaeli is of course paid to advertize the perfume but her enthusiasm for the delicate rose scent seems to go beyond the call of duty. She said,

"I'm crazy for. It is not too sweet and it is not a heavy scent. It is a truly feminine fragrance, modest yet elegant. It just smells delicious."...


The woman of Especially Escada is seen as someone playful, spontaneous and glamorous. She exudes positivity and knows how to put the fun factor in her life.

The Eau de Parfum opens on top notes of ambrette seed and pear. The heart features a dewy rose suggestive of rose petals at dawn accented by aquatic and aromatic notes. The original idea behind the scent was to recreate the sensation of "morning dew glistening on a bright rose." A sultrier note of ylang-ylang fleshes out the rose accord. The base notes rest upon light musks.

Prices: 44 €, 62€, 80€.


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