Diane Von Furstenberg, True To Her Name, Creates a Diane Fragrance to Epitomize Womanhood (2011) {New Fragrance}

diane_von_furstenberg_perfume.jpgFashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, as if inspired by her namesake Diana the mythological Goddess of the hunt and the moon, will dedicate her new perfume Diane to women, in a particularly pointed manner. Her brand of feminism seems to be assertive without being overly militant -- this is still about perfume, or a means of seduction, after all. She told WWD,

I wanted a perfume that reflected womanhood — what I know, what I feel about being a woman — and the power that we all have that we can be the woman we want to be,” [...] “I feel like in the past 10 years, people have forgotten the magic that a perfume can have, and the power that it has. And therefore, I definitely wanted to do something powerful and seductive, without being aggressive."...


The designer had explained in 2010 that she had decided to turn to fragrance expert Chantal Roos to help her create her new perfume.

Diane was composed by perfumer Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan. It is pegged as a woody-floral scent, in line with the emphasis on woodsy notes in the new, more emancipated types of feminine fragrances found in the mainstream.

Von Furstenberg had a precise idea of what two core notes she wanted to be in the fragrance, namely frangipani and violet which she sees as embodying a yin and yang complementarity. It's the way she sees women, she said. What these notes may evoke, like they do to me, are contrasted qualities of sultriness and softness, overt sensuality and innocence.

The perfume will debut both as an eau de parfum and eau de toilette in October 2011 and will be exclusively distributed at first through Bloomingdale's, Sephora and Nordstrom.


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