Heidi Klum Shine Just Launched (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

heidi_klum_seal_shine.jpgAfter announcing in January 2011 that her debut scent would be developed by Coty Inc, top model Heidi Klum just launched her signature perfume called Shine. The name comes from an expression of appreciation that her husband, singer Seal, often uses to compliment her when she dresses up for him: "You're beautiful. You shine."....


Klum thinks it's a beautiful and positive word.

The model further elaborated about her jus to the assembled beauty editors at the Mondrian Hotel in New York City saying that she was guided more by emotions and feelings than by any specific perfumery ingredients. A key sensation she wanted to create was sensuality.

"I didn't want something that was super-sweet. I wanted sensual. That was my main word. I didn't want clean. I want to smell like a woman. I wanted something that is long-lasting but not hovering."

To her, a fragrance should be present and felt like underwear. You cannot see it but it has an effect on you and on those who approach you.

Via Allure

Photo: ©West Hollywood

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  1. Love Heidi!! Can't wait to buy this! A good perfume can take me right back to being a little girl sitting on my mom's bed watching her get dressed up for a night out. so glamorous!

    bobbi jo
  2. So excited to smell this.... I love Heidi!


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