Patriotic Soft Soaps for the 4th of July {Shopping Tip of the Day}

Bath_Body_Works_Patriotic_July_4th.jpgIt's never too early to shop for the 4th of July and get ready to dirty your hands on barbecue bits, then clean them. Bath and Body Works are having a sale for a set of soft soaps in flaming patriotic colors. You get the classic dispenser of liquid suds and anti-bacterial pocket-sized red, blue and white gels...


The soaps are scented with yummy all-American flavors / scents: Apple Pie, Blueberry Pancake & S'Mores.

The formula contains Mango Fruit extract to gently cleanse and moisturize the hands.

"We've made it even easier for you to show your patriotism and to spread love, not germs with this soap and sanitizer bundle. Natural ingredients and powerful germ killers to get hands clean and lightly scented to enjoy at home and on the go. Includes 2 best selling gentle foaming hand soaps and 3 pocket sized sanitizers, each in our patriotic inspired fragrances."

The Patriotic Foaming Soap & PocketBac® Bundle is currently priced at $8 instead of $14,50.

Available online at

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