Calvin Klein CK One Shock for Her & CK One Shock for Him (2011) {New Fragrances}


CK_One_Shock.jpgCalvin Klein will launch a new duo of fragrances called CK One Shock for Her and CK One Shock for Him from August 2011. As is understood from the tag line with which the perfumes are advertized, the scents address themselves to a rebellious generation, who is shocked by nothing. More specifically, and as is customary for the CK One franchise which functions as billboard for the anticipated aspirations of the younger adolescent generations since its launch in 1994 (see also CKIN2U),

"A natural brand of provocation, innate, implicit, induced from its way of being, its look, its is not about shocking just for the pleasure of being shocking -- it is insolence, a sign of rebellion, because for this generation.... nothing is shocking." (my translation)...



CK One Shock for Her is a floriental with a sexy, carnal accord of musk.

Top notes are passion flowers, pink peony, red poppy. Heart notes are blackberry, jasmine, narcissus, chocolate. Base notes are magnetic amber, liquid vanilla, patchouli, second-skin musk.

CK One Shock for Him is an oriental with spicy and tobacco notes. It features a Red-Bull beverage accord.

Top notes are clementine, Red-Bull accord, cucumber. Heart notes are black pepper, cardamom, black basil. Base notes are tobacco, Ambrène wood, musk, patchouli.

The flacons want to express the rebelliousness streak by using a graffitti font. It is reminiscent of a comparable design for Let It Rock by Vivienne Westwood.

Via Prime-Beauté.com

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