Rihanna, like Kate Middleton, Also Loves Illuminum Fragrances {What Celebrities like to Wear}


After the planetary exposure that White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum got for having been selected as the wedding scent of the new Duchess of Cambridge, a more discreet notice in In Style of March 2011 reveals that Rihanna is also a fan of the house and has three favorites from the collection founded in 2011 by celebrity hair-stylist Michael Boadi...


This is the second perfume brand of Michael Boadi following on Boadicea the Victorious. In Style reports that in Rihanna upon meeting Boadi backstage on The X Factor fell in love with the scent he was wearing. Next, she had to preview his new collection and did not waste time waiting to be invited to the launch, sauntering over to his place (for a platonic affair, as In Style stresses.)

The result? After a few swoons no doubt, Rihanna left with three top favorites out of the collection of 16. They are: Illuminum Tahitian Yuzu, Arabian Amber and Saffron Amber. They all sound exotic and are either fresh or ambery-warm. This is in keeping with the personality she disclosed in her own signature scent Rihanna Rebl'Fleur which is quite contrasted and almost, as I said at the time, "bi-polar" in feel (metaphorically speaking.)

So if you can't wait for your bottle of White Gardenia Petals to come in because a hord of perfume Wisigoths have preceded you to the cash register, you can check out those other "Rihanna Reserve" ones to help you have fun with your scent choices.

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