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As any followers of the defunct Princess Diana know, it is well nigh impossible to know without the shadow of a doubt what fragrance she wore for her wedding day as so many contradictory reports have emerged overtime. Unless you were there, she didn't mix it and it wafted off her long enough to make sure it was not an illusion or a trail coming from someone else.

This is why we thought it was essential to nail down the details of the perfume that Catherine Middleton wore on her wedding day, while they were fresh, making sure that there would be as little room left for ambiguity as possible. Good thing too since already two contradictory reports have appeared in the media. After a little inquiry, we think we can safely say it was Illuminum White Gardenia Petals over Creed Fleurissimo, the latter being presented as the scent the royal bride wore on April 29, 2011 by popular French people magazine Paris Match...


Just to make certain this was not just a standard PR effort, The Scented Salamander asked a few empirical "ethnographic" questions to brand spokesperson Michael Donovan asking him how he knew for sure Ms.Kate Middleton went beyond purchasing the scent or just saying it smelled great! Michael Donovan had this to say,

"I quite understand your point – I represent many other niche brands and get very frustrated when wearers are miss-credited as this information lasts on the internet forever! I also disapprove of claiming that individuals wear a fragrance simply because the PR people have despatched a bottle to them. In this case, we sent a requested bottle of ‘White Gardenia Petals’ to the then Ms Middleton’s office as we were discussing a charity project and received feedback that she really loved it. Obviously Illuminum is a young, British brand, so I was cautiously optimistic, however I also thought that the concept for the fragrances ie contemporary minimalism with the emphasis on the quality of ingredients rather than quantity, fitted the bill perfectly - plus the scent is wonderfully romantic but in a very modern sense."

Those were promising beginnings but the conclusion is even better for the Illuminum brand and followers of the now Duchess of Cambridge who can rely on this direct testimonial. Donovan added that he received the call around 5 pm that day confirming that White Gardenia Petals had been elected by Ms. Catherine Middleton to carry the olfactory imprint of her wedding day,

"We were determined not to release any speculative information in fact nothing at all unless we received direct confirmation. We were contacted by a member of the team from Buckingham Palace in the late afternoon of the Wedding Day with confirmation which was unbelievably exciting! I was actually on holiday in France( although glued to the TV)..."

Regarding the other candidate scent, Fleurissimo by Creed, and as it turns out, Michael Donovan is the representative for Creed in the UK. He assured us that he did not get any news regarding the Creed perfume which was created for the wedding of Grace Kelly either from Buckingham Palace or the Creed family, now based in Paris. Creed USA said they could not comment on the news from the US perspective but added that Ms. Kate Middleton received the very first bottle of the fragrance Royal Ceylan in the summer of 2006, more than 4 years before the good news of the royal engagement and wedding were confirmed.
The Fleurissimo connection might be a riff on the apparent Grace-Kelly inspiration for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The newlywed is said to have been impressed by the exhibition about Grace Kelly last year at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her wedding dress signed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is visibly inspired by the gown the Princess of Monaco wore in 1956 as well as it seems her seasonal bridal bouquet also comprised of lily of the valley. Fleurissimo then sounded logical except, it looks like Ms. Middleton displayed the same sense of style research she has demonstrated in general, never going for the obvious label but rather for what seems appropriate to her by following her own counsel.
Illuminum_White_Gardenia_Petals.jpgWhite Gardenia Petals is currently sold out in the 50 ml size, but not yet in the 100 ml one at
Meanwhile, you can dream about the by now historical fragrance,

"As fragrant as a bouquet of white flowers, quivering in the gentle April breeze, this is a delicate and nuanced scent. The top notes of gardenia and wisps of lily dance around the heart notes of ylang ylang, muguet and jasmine, which bring a further trio of white flowers into play.

Amber wood underscores this light, fresh, modern bouquet, adding depth and an aroma of deep rooted tradition."


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